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Welcome to                        instead of fitting in,
and                                           without breaking the bank,

Welcome to Mack Curio Creations.

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Imagine a beautiful balloon arrangement themed to your party or event.

Are you ready?

Welcome to standing out instead of fitting in, and personalizing your event without breaking the bank.

hey, I'm MacKenzie!

I am the creator and owner of Mack Curio Creations! I have been working in some form of events & marketing for as long as I can remember. Starting at a young age, I was helping my mom put together welcome packets and running the children’s area at the Kansas City Irish Fest. I’ve worn many hats throughout the years, from event coordinator to athletic director to marketing and promotions to social media manager. My path definitely hasn’t been a straight line, but everything I’ve done has led me here! Want to learn more about my path to Mack Curio, the why behind starting my own business, and meet my fur babies?

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considered novel, rare or bizarre: curiosity.
also: an unusual or bizarre person. 

A Curio Cabinet is filled with miscellaneous things that are very special to the individual. It may not make sense to others at first, but once they learn about what the items are and what that individual sees in them, people see just how special they really are. Just like humans and their curio cabinet, every business has something that makes it unique and special. Mack Curio Creations will help your uniqueness and individuality shine through the perfect balloon arrangement for your event.

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